Friday, December 23, 2011

New Photographer Studio Kit

The outdoor is getting colder and colder and I was forced to take indoor pictures. The indoor lighting is never enough even with the flash light. I bought this basic photographer studio kit from Amazon. I am happy with the kit. Next step I need to learn how to take better pictures and how to edit them.


Casual Saturday: Mix Gold & Grey

Raining Day

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bring Out the Yellow

Down Play Sequin

For a Cold Outdoor Evening

My 10-year-old son, as a member of his school young voice choir, will sing at Santa's Village our door tonight. I put on a warm outfit.
I can't decide if I want a layered look. The layered look has more visual interest and it's very popular this season. The non layered (tucked in shirt) look gives a longer leg proportion.

Every time I wore this hand painted boots, I would receive compliments. I bought this boot in Argentina. Now I regret that I didn't buy the hand painted bag that goes with this boots.

Hot Red Sweater Dress

White Sweater Dress with Black Peal

Party Outfit

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Chinese Qipao

Tonight we went to my husband's company Christmas party.  I asked my husband to pick a dress from my closet. He picked this Chinese dress.

Houndstooth Jacket over Red Sweater Dress

Black Cardigan with Pearl

This black cardigan's collar and sleeve cuffs are filled with pearls. It's hard to see from the pictures. The skirt in the picture is actually a dress.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Animal Print Cardigan

This outfit is inspired by following picture. I usually don't like to put inspiration pictures because the models or actress all look so perfect. I dare not to put my picture side by side with them.


On the Thanksgiving day, I tried to pick an outfit of either pilgrim or American Indian. The dress was bought in a Indian reservation store many years ago. Too bad that I don't have anything with fringe or feather.
Happy Holiday!