Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Outfit: J Crew Factory Skirt

Monday Outfit : Shades of Grey

Los Angeles

Wax Museum:

UCLA Campus: My 18-year-old son will attend UCLA in the fall majoring in Biology.

San Diego

My brother's house:

St. George Day 3

The condo we were staying :

St. George Day 1 - Zion National Park

Las Vegas Day 4

Hoover Dam:

Las Vegas Day 2

Bellagio Las Vegas:

Check my son's blog for detail:  http://www.kidsimonsview.blogspot.com/

Las Vegas Day 1

My older son had a new student orientation at UCLA. Before we arrived in Los Angeles, we stopped at Las Vegas, St George UT and San Diego.

Picture from Venetian Las Vegas:

Paris Las Vegas:

At night we  watched " Blue Man Group"