Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busy Pattern Long Dress

This dress has such busy patterns that no accessories are needed.

Pink Panther Going to Church

I've worn this dress with pink accessories (here). On this Sunday, I wore it with black accessories.

Black and Grey Classic

The whole outfit started from the black tiered skirt. The skirt was a little long for me. I didn't want to cut the beautiful tiered ruffle edges. I rolled skirt's waist to make the skirt just hit my knee. Topped it with a grey top which has a detailed neck line.
I had an urge to add a pop of red but decided that it's better staying with grey and black classic colors.

Animal Print Dress with Jewel Neck

This dress comes with jewel neck line and embroidery. I didn't need any necklace for this dress. Just added a gold bangle.

Shades of Orange

This is a very vibrant colored dress. I try to tone it down with a casual jean jacket.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Brown Tone

The idea of this outfit is color brown. Every piece of this outfit has brown elements. The summer hat also has a brown scarf which can't be seen from the picture.

Peacock Dress

Work Outfit

I use tripod to take my own picture. It's always a challenge to get the right focus and right position. Today's picture I either don't have bottom part or top part. How do you deal with these problems?

Polka Dot #7 (dress)

Sunday Outfit

I wore yesterday's stripped max dress again on Sunday. The dress is stripless. I put on a loose black top over it and pined loop silver necklace around the neckline. I went to church with this outfit.


Saturday Outfit

This is a thin stripped maxi dress topped with a cropped jean jacket.

My Work Space 1

These pictures were taken in one of my computer retail store.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Polka Dots #6 (alternation needed?)

This is a long silk dress. I had never had the heart to cut it short. 
Today I put on a belt and pulled the dress over the belt to shorten the hem. 
Picture 1 is the longer dress look.
This is below the knee look
This is knee length look.

This is above the knee look.

Shall I do an alteration? What length suits me best?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Polka Dot #4 (skirt)

This skirt has many different color polka dots. I wore it with white shirt and black accessories. The necklace has American Indian flavor. It matches my skirt's color and tie my shirt and skirt together.

Summer hats are my new love. The hat always makes picture looking better. I wish American will have a trend of wearing hat just like in England. In real life, I don't wear hat every day. I am not working in fashion world. I always try to tone down a little bit to make me more like other "soccer mom". Oh, I do wear hat to soccer  field because of the burning southern sun.